Coastal, classic, joyful. 

For adventurous, ocean-minded couples who believe a life lived by the sea is a better one. 

Beach couples are different. You roll with the tides and have an appreciation for life’s currents. You’re content living a simple, but audacious life, with an outlook that’s laid back and relaxed as it is dedicated and determined. Love and loyalty are two of your strongest values and you dive into each day with a big personality, and a spirit of spontaneity. 
Together, you are building a life that matters, a legacy worth remembering, and a love worth cherishing. Photographs help keep your memories alive. Capturing your love story is what makes my heart skip a beat. Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, my heart stands with two people building a meaningful life together, no matter what stage of life they’re in. 
Like you, I have this passion for the sea. It breaths life into my soul, into my work, and helps spark my creativity. I have an eye for coastal decor and specialize in imagery that reflects the natural tones of the ocean. 

I’m so glad you're here! Grab your wine, coffee, or crush & stay awhile!

the efp

I get that being photographed can feel unnatural. There’s someone you just met, staring at you with a camera, making you pose and fake laugh, and suddenly you start to feel anything but yourself. (Not fun.)
I was a bride once, too, so I’ve been in your shoes! I want this experience to be an amazing one for you - for it to be easy, natural, and genuine. By the time we shoot, we certainly won’t be strangers. I promise, you won’t even think about feeling awkward or worry about being self-conscious. This is the time for your personality to shine in your images. (Super fun!)

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